your voice in the dark (foxhips) wrote,
your voice in the dark

dix - d'elle

tree spines skim the edges of me
my interests : bruises, rawboned wings, lace, country homes, chaos in the soul, delicious words, poetry, prose, make believe, not listening to my mother, soothing my wanderlust, folk music, bow ties, collections, renaissance, antiques, history, urban fantasy, collarbones, ice cream cones, pocket watches, graveyards, sweet tea, your voice in the dark (♥), simon 

you built castles from my words
my writers : pablo neruda (♥), richard siken, jack kerouac, oscar wilde, william butler yeats, dave eggers, sylvia plath, anaïs nin, gabriel garcía márquez, franz kafka, henry rollins, jonathan safran foer, jorge luis borges, a. a. milne, mark strand, antonio porchia, holly black, francesca lia block

bound them up in your wrists
my films : alphaville, pulp fiction, gentlemen prefer blondes, north by northwest, monkey business (1952), in a lonely place, sabrina, amélie, pan's labyrinth, breathless, the dreamers, the emperor's new groove, beauty and the beast (♥), il postino, la dolce vita, pride and prejudice (1995), some like it hot, monsieur verdoux, monty python and the holy grail, the wolfman

chords rest gently on your hips
my music : eisley, say hi (to your mom), rilo kiley (♥), neutral milk hotel, the mountain goats, coconut records, pomegranates, andrew bird, of montreal, the carpenters, the arcade fire, as tall as lions, she & him, florence + the machine, au revoir simone, bat for lashes, beck, tokyo police club, cat power, regina spektor, billie holiday, bloc party, cake, css, the decemberists, fleet foxes, fruit bats, girl talk, gogol bordello, justice, busy p, ludo, margot and the nuclear so & so's, the shins, silversun pickups, uffie, yeah yeah yeahs, journey, the weepies

there's an eyelash on your cheek
my shows : the office, flight of the conchords (♥), skins, glee, house, friends, hell's kitchen, other trashy reality shows

fingertips pressed into my spine
my menfolk : cary grant, humphrey bogart, robert downey junior, kele okereke (♥), eric elbogen, dev patel, colin mochrie, fernando torres, rath roiben rye, draco malfoy, benicio del toro (♥♥♥)

Tags: :d'elle, :lilly, :list, :public

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